The network Bretagne Pôle Naval introduces its first booklet in augmented reality “BPN Shelti Breizh"!

Maritime innovation takes shape in front of your eyes, thanks to the BPN.RA application. Dive into the document to discover our containers. They are high tech and 100% designed and built in Brittany

Open the doors of virtual reality & discover in detail all about containerised equipment.

Mon voyage Finistère

Exhibition of 12 billboards at Port la Forêt in augmented reality by Finistère 360

The application enables you to dive into Ocean Racing adventure by simply scanning the billboards of the exhibition. You will then be able to visit the inside of an Imoca yacht, which compete in the famous “Vendée Globe” racing. Discover which skipper suits you, play with 3D racing ships or take a selfie with a skipper and finally understand all about Ocean Racing. These billboards represent twelve original photos created exclusively for this exhibition by three photographic artists: Françoise Peslherbe, Eulalie Varenne & Nicolas Boutruche.


The CISIX RA application is the result of a research project carried by the Participatory Innovation Mission and the Naval Academy, on the recognition of international signal code flags.

Monitoring portuaire 3D

Website and mobile application with 3D interactive maps and augmented reality visualization, real-time ship movements and replay, port infrastructure activities, wave and weather conditions.


Cyclops is an augmented reality exploration app designed for a traveling exhibit on plankton knowledge.

The application is dedicated to young children who can discover the exhibition through the augmented story told by a character called "cyclops". To launch the sound sequences, the child must find and scan some images in the exhibition. The list of images being displayed in the app at the bottom of the screen.

The application is very playful and the sound sequences guide them in the different parts of the exhibition. The children can interact with many underwater environments and cyclops explains them each step.

Our offer

  • Augmented reallity application for smartphones and glasses
  • 3D modeling
  • Interactive animation from existing 3D models 3D
  • Innovative service design
  • Database demonstrator
  • Web platforms and mobile applications

Many maritime partners are asking us to pool data and create new services, whether they are companies, professional networks, institutional organizations or environmental protection associations.

Why not you ?


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