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Images scanner
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Qrcode scanner
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BreizhChic is the first virtual reality fitting application in augmented reality from the beÔchic application program. It is dedicated to Breton design coupled to an international fashion social network. The beôchic program offers creators and designers from around the world a personalized web space to easily create a showroom. Their consumers consult virtual shop windows, try clothes, accessories or objects in augmented reality and share the best photos of their fittings on social networks. The application BreizhChic is both a new tool for selling Breton products without a physical shop, and a new way of buying from the sofa!


Our generic beoPik image recognition application allows you to link your printed documents to your digital content (audio, photo, video, text, contact sheet, external web link, social networks, etc.). You can now track the audience of your print campaigns in real time and even adjust your content during the current campaign. The solution is very flexible and allows you to save money. No new design or re-printing of your brochures: your new products and news may appear on the mobile of your readers!


BreizhTour is an application of augmented reality visit shared throughout Brittany. If you are a visitor, you can discover all the points of interest around you. Just click on "start the tour". To trigger augmented reality when you're near a monument or point of interest, aim it through your smartphone and video or audio content automatically appears! You can also discover other remarkable places by browsing the 10 Destinations presented in the application. If you are a municipality or a tourist office in Brittany, the BreizhTour platform awaits you to allow you to create your visit and to modify or update the stories and legends of the essential places of your territory.

App bookBeo

The bookBeo application is a generic reader of Qr Codes. This is the first French 2D code decoding application validated by Apple in early 2009. In addition to decoding any Qr Code, the application allows you to keep all the Qr Codes scanned in your history and sort them into ranking favorites or find them by filtering them according to their typology (videos, web pages, contacts, etc ...). If the Qr Codes are associated with videos you have the possibility to download them locally in the application in order to see them again without internet connection. Do not hesitate: share your discoveries with your friends by email and on social networks!


Office Faou
Zone de Quiella
F-29590 Le Faou
+33 2 98 16 79 99

Office Rennes
14 rue Kerautret Botmel - Bât D
F-35200 RENNES


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