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Le marin de passage

This living book is the first of its kind. It was created by bringing together artists, authors, illustrators, filmmakers, comedians, 2D & 3D designers.

Sur la route des phares

Tourist guide about the lighthouses of Brittany ordered by Brest Terres Oceanes

Brittany has the biggest concentration of lighthouses in the world. See these lighthouses working with our UFO augmented reality.(vidéo)

The application is free and available on the Appstore & Playstore, it enables to discover enriched contents, simply by scanning the twenty images and illustrations in the guide. These contents evolve in time bringing the printed guide to Life! An interactive map has also been developed based on this travelogue. You will discover the fact sheets of every lighthouse.

Samedi soir, dimanche matin

For the first time in a comic book, enter characters' heads in a different way than images and words. Thanks to the QR Codes inserted in the illustrations, dive into the back of the scenery and discover in a playful and animated way all these thoughts - more or less pleasant - that stir the spirits of the night

Van In

Created in 1833, Van In, a Belgian subsidiary of the Finnish group Sanoma, specializes in the design and marketing of textbooks and educational tools, both in the French-speaking community of Belgium and in Flanders.

In the Onderweg collection! dedicated to learning Dutch, students find most of the lessons, exercises, evaluation sheets but also comics, games, songs. This collection is equiped with QR codes giving access to downloadable videos via the application bookBeo (available for free on iPhone and Android). Managed by the publisher on our beoBox, the videos allow you to "listen" to the bubbles of the comics and to discover in a "living" way the situations presented in the book.


In 2018, the Van In Editions request us to enrich and increase the educational value of all their school collections.

We offer a customized solution including:

  • a dedicated application: Sesame, decoding both QR codes and images of books and allowing the reader to archive contents in a historical repertory.
  • a custom multimedia content management platform for the operational team of VAN IN sized to combine 1000 to 5000 video and audio content.

Please join us on our UFO ventures !

Many companies have already joined us, but we hope to welcome you too.Our partners include companies, professional networks, tourist boards, cities, editors, associations or individuals.

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