Real time 3D Capture

Research and development, experiments in mixed reality with 3D scanning of real objects in a few seconds and 3D mapping of interior spaces (below example of an iPad equipped with a depth camera type "structure io").


Augmented reality visit app for Chinese, English and French audiences.

Visitors come to the reception and receive a tablet equipped with headphones. They can follow a self-guided route or choose to discover the content freely. When walking through the factory's corridors, audio guides are automatically triggered by iBeacon placed on the walls. Diagrams explaining the transformation process of milk powder are brought to life and enriched through the application.

The app is currently used by small group visitors, guides accompanying large groups and Synutra factory staff.


Proof of concept realized in collaboration with IT Link for the R&D laboratory of PSA Peugeot Citroën: SILAB - DSIN.

Development of an algorithm recognizing the different parts of a kit on glasses / tablets allowing the remote control of the parts placed in the kits and on the overall of the kits sent to the production lines.

Supply Chain 4.0

Label detection and parcel number recognition on EPSON and LASTER connected glasses. The software allows recognition on moving head at 1m distance. The display of the result is in 3D with tracking of the recognized object and in augmented reality. It appears in less than 300ms.

The system works with "machine learning" for the bar code recognition of the label then an OCR recognition with extraction of each character of the package number located above the bar code.

Our offer

Development of algorithms and prototyping of augmented reality applications with visual recognition, AI and machine learning, operating on connected glasses, tablets and smartphones for industrial environments (iOS - smartphones and tablets, Android - smartphones, tablets and glasses , Windows 10 - Hololens glasses)

Based on the client needs, the developped solutions may include :

  • development of a knowledge base of parts (2D and 3D capture) managed and secured
  • development of a learning software (AI and machine learning)
  • development of a virtual assistance application for quality control, training or maintenance
  • industrial line deployment (on operator workstation) interfaced with local web servers.
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