The bookBeo proposal was selected in November 2017 by the Pays de la Loire region to make available to its TER users, a mobile application (iOS, Android and Web) allowing them to report malfunctions on their journeys, and consult the refunds of these lifts.

This "crowdsourcing" data is also a source of data that can feed the monitoring dashboards, particularly punctuality.

On the user side, the mobile & Web application allows TER users of all kinds (frequent / occasional) to report disruptions occurring during their journey by train and to receive return reports every month.

Administrators side, the dedicated Web interface allows them to have the list of all the reports made and a dashboard aggregating the statistics of all the reports; to consult the usage statistics of the application (analytics); to give individual responses to certain reports and to post restitution documents every month.

Twitter bots

Since 2014, bookBeo has been developing bots for Keolis Group and its subsidiaries (Framework contract)

This information service on public transport, traffic alerts, real time schedules, information around stops is completely free and accessible on twitter 24/24.

Users can subscribe to an information feed and receive a set of messages: schedules of favorite lines, events around the crossing points of his preferred line or specific requests to receive information addressed to them alone.

Application Star Bus Métro

StarBusMétro is the official application of the STAR network developed by bookBeo.

It is particularly ergonomic and has a search function that is complete and geolocatable and provides all the information about the stop or the selected location from the first screen.

In addition to the functions of bookmarks, notification, StarBusMétro has a mode "accessible accessible route PMR" and a map available offline.

To facilitate real-time access to stop times via the 2D Codes that are available, StarBusMétro ships its own code reader. For these times, the Timeo code for each stop can be entered directly into the search box on the homepage.

The application is interfaced with Rennes Métropole open data and uses the OpenTripPlanner route search engine. It also allows you, in partnership with, to know the service lines of all the events of the agglomeration.

Our offer

  • crowdsourcing websites for train preference schedules
  • Information application of real time schedules of buses and metro
  • Chatbot (Twitter and Facebook)
  • Application of route engine and mapping of bike stations
  • Crowdsourcing application on TER user requests

Many customers trust us: the group Keolis and its subsidiaries in Rennes, Lyon, Ile de France, Manchester and Boston, the Regional Council of Brittany and the Pays de la Loire.

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